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Wagons West!

Wagons West!

This DVD holds three segments of film. The first is a 20 minute documentary created by the New York Life Insurance company in 1959. This video shows the “On to Oregon Cavalcade” travelling the Oregon Trail re-enacting the wagon trains that came west for free land in the 1800’s. The Cavalcade was part of the Oregon State Centennial and was reported in Newspapers world wide. The second 20 minute segment was produced by the Coronet Instructional media company of the wagon train in 1959, explaining the westward movement, for classroom use at the fourth or fifth grade levels; the last 20 minute segment is video footage, with background music, taken by Jeanne Marshal VanMeter, a member of the trek in 1959.

100% of all profits from sales will go to the Heritage Museum Building Annex Fund.


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